Jul 05 2011

Your Feedback on 2-Year Open Chat Night

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As we approach our 2-year Anniversary for Open Chat Night in August 2011, give your feedback and suggestions on improving the Chat on this week’s Open Chat Night.

We’ve made a lot of progress this year on Open Chat Night.  A good turnout in the chat room has brought interesting topics, laughter, and fun.  We’ve also had several audiologists at the chat to answer questions, a great benefit to all of us.  We’ll continue to bring in more professionals—e.g., teachers, cochlear implant specialists, licensed psychologists, product demonstrators—to Open Chat Night at least once a month.

For those who were unable to attend on Wednesday nights, I planned a second Open Chat Night on Sunday nights.  After one month, I cancelled it since nobody was attending that chat.  I then created a poll on my blog to find out which nights were better, and according to the votes, most seem to prefer Sunday nights.  So, now I’m considering trying another Open Chat Night in addition to our weekly chat on Wednesday nights.  I’m thinking it will be once a month on a Sunday night, which hopefully will accommodate those who have a conflict on Wednesday nights.

Join us on Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night to give your feedback.  What have you found most beneficial while attending our chat?  Have you made new friends along the way?  Do you have any other thoughts for suggestions for Open Chat Night?

You can also leave a comment here or discuss Your Feedback on 2-Year Open Chat Night in the forum.

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