Mar 11 2013

What Motivates You?

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Life is full of exciting experiences and wonderful people who make you look forward to the days ahead.  Other days can be tough, and we are presented with many challenges.  Obstacles in our daily existence can hinder us from enjoying our life and accomplishing our goals.  Yet, perhaps the most satisfying thing in life is watching ourselves overcome these obstacles and experiencing how powerful we can feel after we clear a hurdle standing in our way.  How can we keep ourselves motivated despite opposition?  Some individuals have a routine that helps counter negative energy, such as running or swimming.  Often times it is reassuring to look to others we know who have endured hardship and triumphed.  Momentous events such as the Civil Rights Movement or Women’s Suffrage faced endless failures until they achieved what was sought after.  Many famous individuals were greeted with rejection after rejection before making it big.  Elvis Presley was told he would never make it as a guitar player and should keep driving trucks; Andy Warhol’s was rejected by numerous museums he submitted artwork to.  He later published those rejection letters to show what he faced before his incredible fame.  In times of hardship and trials in your life what motivates you?  Tell us at this week’s Open Chat Night.

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