Nov 09 2015

What impact do nutrients have on hearing loss and vision?

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As I’ve previously discussed, studies have identified a possible link between our diets and hearing loss.  Good eating habits have been shown to reduce the chances of hearing loss due to aging.  However, I’m interested in whether eating habits can prevent progressive hearing loss across all age groups.

My own hearing loss has been fairly constant since I was born.  In recent years, though, I have noticed a slight reduction in my hearing.  Fortunately, it’s a very minor change; but what will happen as I grow older?  I’m already forty-years-old, and I have to admit my eating habits still aren’t great.  I’ve always been skinny with high metabolism and I find myself consuming more unhealthy foods (like sweets or fast food) than healthier ones (like fruits and vegetables).  My father is always forcing me to eat healthier to prevent future health problems.  Perhaps eating better and taking vitamins could prevent my hearing loss from changing as I grow older.

I’ve also realized it’s important to eat healthy food for my vision as well.  Studies have shown eating carrots are generally good for your eyes and that’s one of the least types of food I usually eat.  I am starting to take multi-vitamins, so that’s a good start, but I need to begin to eat more nutritious food such as vegetables and fruits.  It might not affect me now but I might notice a difference when I grow older.

Discuss the healthy foods choices you make at Wednesday’s Open Chat Night.  Can you make any nutritional suggestions that are good for your health or could prevent hearing and/or vision loss?

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