Dec 29 2015

We’re bringing in new blog contributors for 2016!

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Open Chat Night started August 2009 and has taken place each week on Wednesday nights in our hearing loss chat room.  I have written over 200 blog topics, which have spurred insightful and intriguing discussions and conversations over the years.  I have talked a lot about my personal experiences ranging from social anxiety, hearing loss, technology, and many other related topics regarding the hearing loss community.

As we approach a new year, I have decided to open our chat room to bring in blog contributors to share their experiences that can open up new discussions.  One of our staff writers, Hannah Mann, who is profoundly deaf and wears CI, has been writing up some blog posts and we have used some of these for our chat room discussions once a month since last fall.  We now have a team interested to participate in 2016 for writing blog topics.  Rather than writing my own—which seems repetitive as I’m running out of topics—I think it would be beneficial to allow other members to write topics for our chat onwards.

If you’re interested to write blog topics and share your experiences related to hearing loss, please let us know—we’ll be happy to add more members on our list of blog contributors!  Your posts can reach potentially 100+ visitors per month.

Join us at this week’s Open Chat Night and Happy New Year!

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