Sep 13 2010

Waterproof Hearing Aids

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Opening Topic for Open Chat Night: Hearing Aids vs. the Elements

My trip to South India a few weeks ago was interesting because it was monsoon season and my hearing aids are not waterproof.  I was uneasy and had trouble relaxing due to the ultra-hip ear muffs I wore to protect my aids.

I asked an audiologist if any hearing aid manufactures had developed waterproof varieties, and she told me Starkey makes a type that are water-resistant.  They incorporated nano-coated technology to give the best moister protection possible.  I was told they had actually submerged the hearing aids in water for several hours without causing failure.  The problem, as with all newer and less-common technology, is the cost.

Let’s share any new technology or news that will help educate all of us.

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