Apr 30 2013

Vision Loss

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Night blindness is poor vision at night or in dim light.  People with night blindness often have trouble seeing stars on a clear night or walking through a dark room, such as a movie theater.  Unfortunately, I have a mild case of retinitis pigmentosa, which means I cannot see as well at night or in low light.  I started developing this condition about five years ago, and I was told it’s genetic among people with hearing loss.

There’s no treatment at this time, but I’m hoping something will come up in the years ahead with all the medical research.  I was told there may be a cure, but it will take time.  For now, I need to take extra precautions in dim lighting, especially when driving at night.  Admittedly, having this issue on top of my hearing loss is frustrating, especially since I never had vision problems growing up.  In fact, I used to work as a movie theater usher in high school, helping customers find open seats along the dark aisle.  Today, I’m one of those customers struggling to find an open seat in the theater.

I haven’t talked much about this condition, keeping it from even my own family.  But now, I’ve decided to open up about this new challenge, and see if anyone else is dealing with similar issues.  At this week’s Open Chat Night, feel free to share your experiences with vision loss and hearing loss.

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