Mar 21 2011

Stress-Filled Situations

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The opening topic for this Wednesday’s Open Chat Night will be: How to reduce isolation, anger, and withdrawal from others.

Stress caused by issues relating to hearing loss can result in isolation, anger, and withdrawal from others.  There are ways to reduce these stress-filled situations and make our lives more enjoyable and peaceful.

For instance, I work out at a local gym 1-3 times per week.  I could actually feel a difference after just one workout, but now I’m noticing more and more positive results as time passes.  Working out continues to help eliminate a great deal of stress and emotional build-up that used to fester inside.  Also, I am seeing a counselor to get advice on ways to reduce feelings of isolation and general social anxieties.  These are just the two steps I’m taking to improve the quality of my life.

Join all of us for this Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night to share your advice on reducing hearing loss related stresses.

You can also discuss How to reduce isolation, anger, and withdrawal from others in the forum.

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