Jul 21 2015

Social Life and Hearing Loss

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Since creating the DeafandHoH.com community in 2008, I have had the opportunity to connect with people all over the country. Through conversations I’ve had with these individuals I’ve learned that some of us in the deaf and hard of hearing community experience social isolation because of our hearing loss.

I myself am fortunate to have a wonderful group of people in our chat room who offer support to one another to help each other deal with social anxiety.

In the past, my physical trainer at the gym helped me gain more confidence and gave me advice on starting up conversations with strangers.  He suggested that I experience the nightlife by attending social bars in downtown Milwaukee.  Although I know that this would be a great way to make some new friends or maybe meet someone, I have a fear of putting myself in that kind of social setting.

I’m worried the loud noise in bars will make it even more difficult for me to hear what people are saying.  Also, I have a mild case of Usher Syndrome, which makes it hard to see in low lighting, which is common in bars.  So, a combination of both might be too overwhelming for me.

I have been procrastinating going to a bar for over several years now.

As I find more ways to overcome the fears and challenges in this social setting, I’m hoping to experience the nightlife sooner or later.  I shouldn’t let anything stop me, even if I have to overcome a few roadblocks to get me there.

For anyone who has experienced nightlife or other social activities, join us on Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night to share your story.

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  1. Jill Saunderson 23 Jul 2015 at 5:57 pm

    I thinks it’s very courageous of you to seek after something that makes you feel uneasy or unsure of yourself. Not only will you overcome this, but I believe you can overcome whatever else you put your mind to. Keep it up!

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