Sep 15 2015

Sleeping in complete silence

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I don’t wear my hearing aids while I sleep.  On one hand, it seems like a blessing because I will not be disturbed and my ears are free from the hearing aids, but on the other hand I could sleep through an emergency or life-threatening situation.  What if someone breaks in or if the fire alarm is triggered? What if a family member is in need and I cannot hear the phone?  The possibilities are endless and all outcomes seem tragic.

I know there are smoke alarms and weather alert systems that will vibrate your bed in instances of fires, tornado warnings, and so on.  I plan to get these beneficial products for my home soon. Recently, I purchased a better phone.  I can see caller ID and am able to put the ringer volume high enough to wake me up while sleeping, even if I’m not wearing hearing aids.

I would like to learn how others in the deaf and hard of hearing community make their homes accessible and safe while they are sleeping.

During Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night, discuss how you protect your home while sleeping at night. What technologies do you recommend? Are you aware of other technologies that are available or being developed?

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