Feb 22 2011

Share your experience with nightlife and hearing loss

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The opening topic for Open Chat Night will be how we can experience the fun of nightlife while having hearing loss. 

I have connected with many people from all over the country since starting the hearing loss community several years ago.  I have learned some of us are going through social isolation because of our hearing loss.  I am fortunate to have a wonderful group of people offering support in the chat room to help people deal with social anxiety, including myself.

My physical trainer at the gym was helping me gain more confidence and gave me some advice on how to approach new people by starting a conversation.  He suggested that I experience the nightlife by attending social bars in downtown Milwaukee.  I know this would be a great way to make new friends and possibly meet someone but I have a fear of putting myself in that social setting.  I’m worried the loud noise will make it even more difficult to hear what people are saying. My biggest challenge has always been background noise, and because of this I have been procrastinating going to a bar for over a year now.

As I find more ways to overcome the fears of social settings, I’m hoping to experience the nightlife in the next month or so.

For anyone who has experienced nightlife, join us on Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night to share your story.

You can also discuss Share your experience with nightlife and hearing loss in the forum.

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