Oct 12 2015

Rebuilding Social Ties

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Back in October 2011, I took a huge step in overcoming my social anxiety and attended a bonfire hosted by a local church.  I had never gone to a bonfire before, and because it was almost entirely dark outside with rather crowded it was one of the more challenging social events I’ve ever gone to.

My two main problems were background noise and poor lighting.  The only source of light was the fire itself and the candles on the refreshment table; I couldn’t even see other people’s lips.  To make it worse, I have a mild case of ushers syndrome that makes it difficult for me to see in the dark.

Despite the anxiety I felt, I resolved not to back out.  If someone didn’t talk to me much, then I just moved on.  Later that night, I ended up chatting at length with a person who seemed genuinely interested in me, and I found myself explaining my hearing loss and my social difficulties.  Around that time I made some new friends who encouraged me to join their weekly get-together.

Unfortunately, I have lost connection with the friends I made during that year when I was part of the local church group.  Though I am hoping to take another step forward to meet new people again—possibly find a girlfriend.  I have joined Match.com and am trying to make some connections there.

However, my vision still makes it harder to see at night which creates obstacles to my experiencing a social life.  This is particularly true now, when winter is around the corner and daylight ends early.  I just need to find ways to get thought this and overcome my fears and obstacles.

Share any interesting stories at the next Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night about your social situations.  What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

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