Jan 24 2012

My Perception of the World

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You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him. ~Leo Aikma

Over the years, I’ve struggled to build my self-confidence, and though I’ve made a lot of improvements, I still have some inhibitions to overcome.  Nevertheless, my father told me last night that I am a lot better compared to last year, especially by helping people, being more outgoing, and taking risks.

There are still times when I perceive everyone negatively (albeit unintentionally), including my close friends.  Because I never had a lot of friends and resented others for not making time for me, I began to perceive the world as a lonely, unfriendly place, and I came to adopt a victim mentality.  But I can’t keep doing that; people will sense it and pull away.

I have to keep in mind the wise words of my friend, Lisa McTavish, who is leaving my work to take a new job.  She told me to keep smiling, have confidence, and I’ll win the respect of others.  Thank you, Lisa, for helping me take back that confidence over the months.  I’ve been blessed to know you.

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