Nov 17 2015

Is hearing loss a blessing in disguise?

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Obviously many of our discussion topics have been related to the obstacles of hearing loss, but I wanted to take a more positive approach this week.  Even though hearing loss does have its downsides it can be a blessing in many ways.

For instance, I enjoy being able to sleep peacefully at night without hearing aids.  Those little sounds that might keep hearing people awake don’t bother me.  It’s also helpful in noisy places where verbal communication isn’t necessary, like outdoor festivals or factories with loud machinery—I can just turn down my hearing aids’ volume or switch it “off.”  No need for ear plugs for me!

Also, I recently got new hearing aids and they’re much more powerful than my last ones.  Thanks to the different settings and options, such as volume control and reducing background noise, I believe sometimes I can actually hear conversations more than people with normal hearing.  The technology is really amazing.  Also, my hearing aids have Bluetooth, so I can connect to my iPod instead of wearing headphones or ear pieces.  For example, it would be very beneficial listening to music on the plane that will eliminate the aircraft noise that’s usually loud.  I consider that another blessing.

Whether you’re deaf or hard of hearing, in what way do you consider your hearing loss a blessing?  Let’s discuss this at Wednesday’s Open Chat Night.

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