May 21 2012

Interpret the meaning of your dreams

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Dreams combine verbal, visual and emotional stimuli into a storyline that can be broken and nonsensical, but also very entertaining.  Personally, I think our dreams often have a deeper meaning, even if the storyline seems bizarre or nonsensical.

One of the most common dreams I used to have was about going back to school.  In this dream, we’re approaching the end of the semester and I’m not ready because I skipped all of the classes and didn’t do any of the homework.  I’m looking at my book and trying desperately to figure out how I can read and remember 100 pages for tomorrow’s final exam.

I’ve asked myself why I would dream stuff like that, especially since it’s been over ten years since I graduated college.  I never skipped classes and was always prepared for my final exams and projects.  These dreams must have a meaning behind them.  Maybe it’s the fear I’ve always had of not passing a course, especially in college, due to my slow reading skills and hearing loss.

I could share many more vivid dreams that relate to work, family and friends and they all seem to carry some sort of meaning.  Do any of you have interesting dreams to share at Wednesday’s Open Chat Night?  How do you interpret them?  Are any of your dreams or interpretations related to your hearing loss?

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