Apr 15 2013

I2Rant About Relationships and Friendships

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This week, we’re launching our new I2Rant page.  Check it out at www.i2rant.com.

This forum is a way to vent your feelings and frustrations within the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing world.  On top of hearing loss, many of us deal with our own issues, like conflicts among friends, partners, and family members.

For instance, I tend to be shy and soft-spoken, especially around large groups.  And I’ve found it helps to rant in a community that understands and can explain why things happen the way they do.  For example, is it because of my personality, my hearing loss, the type of people they are, or all of the above?  In situations like these, it can be tempting to keep our frustrations bottled up inside.  This forum gives us a way to let them out.  We can also offer advice, support, and help to others who are going through similar experiences.

For this week’s Open Chat Night, take a look at our opening topics at www.i2rant.com.  Feel free to leave your feedback and suggestions, or to just share your frustrations.

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