Jan 18 2011

How to Cope with the Unwanted Noise

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The opening topic for Open Chat Night will be about the difficulties of communicating with others in a surrounding with lots of background noise.

All of us in the hearing loss community have our own struggles to deal with.  The biggest challenge are the difficulties to hear what others are saying when background noise is present.  That is why I have always excluded myself in social gatherings, leading to frustration and isolation.  It is always hard to stay focused on a conversation in group situations or noisy environments.  It is an uncomfortable feeling.  Wearing hearing aids doesn’t always help in these situations because hearing aids often times amplify the background noise along with the voice I want to hear.  If I use the settings in my hearing aids to reduce background noise, that doesn’t always work effectively because people can still speak in a soft voice. 

At this Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night, describe how you cope with background noise and the inability to hear conversations.

You can also leave a comment here or discuss the How to Cope with the Unwanted Noise in the forum.

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