Aug 18 2015

Hearing Loss and Relationships

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Whether you’re married or just dating someone, how does hearing loss affect your relationship?

A decade ago, I discovered that feeling of wanting to be in a relationship with someone.  However, I have never had a girlfriend or been in a relationship.  I’ve learned that some people prefer to meet someone who is already deaf or hard of hearing.  So, I find myself wondering how hearing loss really affects a relationship.

As for me, I don’t care whether the person is hearing, hard of hearing, or deaf.  I think it’s more important that people connect with, understand, and love each other in order to have a successful relationship.  The only way I see how hearing loss might deeply impact relationships is the potential communication barriers.

I also have a mild case of Usher Syndrome, which means I have difficulty seeing in low lighting.  Unfortunately, I have to deal with this condition on top of my hearing loss.  These could both be factors in a relationship, so I need to find someone who understands.

Going on dates and experiencing nightlife can be more challenging and difficult for me in certain ways.  For instance, if I meet someone at a bar, theater, or restaurant environment, I will have deal with low lighting.  Somehow, I will have to cope and find ways to overcome this barrier.

Join us on Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night to share your experiences and how your hearing loss might or has affected your relationships.

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