Feb 25 2014

Hear Your Dreams

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A while back, we had an interesting conversation at Open Chat Night about how dreams relate to hearing loss.

Although I personally can’t remember any specific dreams about my hearing loss, one of our members mentioned one of hers in which she got into a pool without taking her hearing aids off.  I was just curious if anyone in the hearing loss community has something to share about their dreams.

We should all be able to hear sounds in our dreams without wearing hearing aids in them, since we already know the sounds from wearing hearing aids in real life.  However, if someone has been deaf throughout his or her entire life, that person wouldn’t know what “sound” sounds like.  So, how would he or she recreate it in a dream?

Hannah, a staff writer at DeafandHoH.com, is profoundly deaf.  She can’t hear speech or most environmental noises without hearing aids.  So, before she wore hearing aids or had a cochlear implant, she doesn’t remember having “heard” anything in her dreams, and her dreams tended to be mostly visual.  However, she’s been told told that she signs in her sleep.

I know deaf people can also sense vibrations in music without necessarily hearing the sounds.  I’m curious to know if that’s ever played a role in your dreams.

Share your interesting dreams or anything related to sound and hearing loss at this week’s Open Chat Night.  Let’s have fun talking about the inner thoughts and imagination of your dreams!

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