May 27 2012

Has something in me died?

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“Whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies.” – Gore Vidal

I think something inside of me had to die in order for me to overcome the limiting belief about my ability to make friends.  Building a new friendship can be just as difficult as keeping the friends you already have.  As the summer approaches, that limiting belief is easily putting me back to where I started.  I’ve been turning down opportunities to meet new people lately and instead staying at home– within my comfort zone.  I must admit that I’m just not experiencing the enjoyment of meeting new people; in fact, I find it very stressful because of the fear of rejection.  I’d rather focus on my hearing loss community where I truly feel like I belong.  Sharing my experiences, reaching out to people, and helping others makes me feel important, loved, and on top of the world. That’s the best medicine I can get for now.

I have opened up a lot in this blog.  As the summer approaches, I will be taking on a new challenge to share my personal experiences on YouTube that hopefully will be inspiring to many people out there.  Just remember, you’re not alone in this world.

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