Dec 21 2010

Group of Friends

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Opening topic for Open Chat Night: Discovering new social avenues

Recently, a hearing loss member wrote to me saying he doesn’t have many friends and that it’s unsettling to see a group of friends having fun in public.  That inspired me to bring back this topic and share my story once again. All of my life, I have been dealing with the same situation.  Whether in school, at work, or in social settings, I have always felt like an outsider seeing a group of friends having fun and feeling as if I don’t belong.  Many of you already know I have expressed myself in the blog social avenues.

During the past year, I have heard others in our chat group express their feelings for not having many friends.  That’s the main reason why I started this hearing loss community and chat room.

If you are not a part of our group, stop in.  We are here to help and you are never alone.

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