Nov 16 2010

Get in the Hearing Loop

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Opening Topic for Open Chat Night:  Discovery of the new loop system

During our chat on Wednesday nights, I have heard many things about loop systems.  Lots of people with hearing loss have found this technology very helpful.  However, there are still many places (theaters and churches) that don’t have looping systems.  The American Academy of Audiology and the Hearing Loss Association of America announced a collaborative public education campaign “Get in the Hearing Loop” in February, 2010 to help promote the Loop System.

In my local area, the Waukesha Civic Theater recently installed a new looping system.  I attended one of their presentations last week and experienced the looping system for the first time.  Once again, it’s just amazing how technology can change our lives.  I was able to hear the loudspeaker and people on the stage very clearly just by switching my hearing aid to t-coil mode.  It felt like they were talking right in front of me.  Before attending the presentation, I was thinking that I’ll have to wear some sort of listening device.  Most hearing aids and cochlear implants come with inexpensive telecoil sensors which can be activated by your audiologist.  This type of wireless looping system magnetically transmits sounds directly to the hearing aids.

It was great to learn about the looping system.  It made me realize that more public places should provide this technology.  We should all work together to advocate the usage this technology. 

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