Mar 21 2012

Friends versus a limiting belief

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If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you. – Louise Hay

There are times when I’m able to completely shut out the busy world because it just seems easier than asking to hang out with friends.  The biggest problem with limiting beliefs is that they force you to live below your potential and perceive things negatively.  Since childhood, I have had a limiting belief about my ability to make friends, which was worsened by rejection.  Among the many answers I’d gotten were “I’m busy,” “I already have plans,” or better yet, a vague promise that never happened.  Of course, by a certain age, most people have established their own circle of friends with whom they feel most comfortable.  So, meeting new people now is going to be a little more challenging, especially for a shy introvert like me.

But, a surprising scenario happened a couple of weeks ago.  Someone from the church group I recently joined invited me to go sledding with her and a group of friends.  I had such a great time with them, though it didn’t seem real because I couldn’t believe that anybody would just come out and ask me to hang out without my making the effort.  I guess that’s a limiting belief which I’ve accepted as truth.  In truth, I’ve made a lot of progress, and if I’m not careful, that limiting belief can put me back to where I started.

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