Sep 24 2013

Food and hearing loss

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We all know about the common ways to maintain healthy hearing, like protecting our ears from loud noises and infections.  Believe it or not, however, I learned that your diet can also play a role in preventing hearing loss, especially as you age.

For example, the Vitamin D and omega-3 fats found in fish can strengthen the blood vessels in the ear’s sensory system, which can help prevent age-related hearing loss.  Generally, I dislike seafood, especially when it’s prepared whole, with eyes and all; but now that I’ve learned about its benefits, I can certainly consider adding fish to my diet as I age.  Other nutrients, like antioxidants, magnesium, and zinc, can also improve the ear’s health and prevent hearing loss.

What kinds of foods do you eat?  How about supplements?  Do you know of any other foods or ingredients that can prevent hearing loss and keep your ears healthy?  Let’s discuss our diet at this week’s Open Chat Night!

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