Nov 19 2012

Family Gatherings

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The holidays are almost here!  For many people, that means visiting relatives.  For deaf and hard of hearing people, it can mean a warm family reunion… or increased social anxiety, isolation, frustration, and other challenges.  One of our members asked: “How do you deal with family gatherings and parties?  Avoid, assert your needs, sulk, or just give up?”  I would also ask how your family’s home culture affects your socialization at these events.  Some families are much more outgoing; others are more laidback.  Some will go out and do things; others stay home and watch TV.

We’ll be discussing all these things and more in this week’s chat.  How do you deal with family gatherings as the only deaf or hard of hearing person there?  Are they a positive or negative experience for you?  Do you have any strategies or tips?  Tell us more at this Wednesday’s Open Chat Night!

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