Jun 25 2008

The end of online dating

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My 3-month subscription with eHarmony has ended.  They have automatically renewed my subscription for another month and charged my credit card without prior notification.  I couldn’t find any phone number on their site.  I sent an email to customer support and finally got a number to call.  Fortunately, they were kind enough to give me the refund.  The person over the phone asked, “Why are you leaving eHarmony.”  I told them nobody was responding or contacting me.  The person did not give any advice, suggestions, or encouragement to continue using their service.  So, that was the end of it for me.  Their tagline is “We look forward to helping you find the love of your life.”  They certainly did not give me any help with the money I spent.

It is very questionable how accurate the matching system works in eHarmony?  I have answered all the questions honestly.  I have received one contact for open communication in the first set of seven matches sent to me.  Afterwards, I didn’t get any contacts by receiving over 200 matches during the 3 month period.  For the people I showed interest, they wouldn’t respond.  Many of the matches I got did not view my profile.  What is the point of meeting people if they aren’t online?  I’ve also seen few profiles posting very little information and pictures that look fake… possibly a scanned model picture from a magazine.  I seen many profiles without a picture.  I don’t want to visualize my match like a character in a novel.  Lastly, they added features such as sending icebreakers similar to other dating sites.  These are sending pre-written messages to paid and non-paid members such as “Just wanted to say hi.”  As I seen in their advertisements, eHarmony make them sound very different than other dating sites and why they charge more.  For me, it was no different.  It was just a waste of time and energy answering all the questions honestly and thinking I will meet some people.  I’ve heard success stories about people finding that special someone in eHarmony but that could be one out of a million, who knows?  I don’t have any real answers other than my personal experiences.

I decided to end my online dating adventure.  I haven’t had much success using dating sites that includes Match.com, Singlesnet.com, Plentyoffish.com, and Shaadi.com.  Honestly, I have met few people but the friendship did not last.  These sites seem to deliver the same results.  I come across many fake profiles.  I wouldn’t know if I am contacting paid members because many of them can post free profiles.  So, I won’t get their emails or reply if they aren’t paid members.  I contacted hundreds of people and many of them won’t respond.  How embarrassing is that!  I don’t know the real reasons behind this.   Do any of these people actually exist?  I taken dating advices for putting the right words in my profile, sending messages, and posting pictures.  Still, I did not have any luck.

I am very frustrated trying to meet people online that has been happening for 2 years now.  I just want to meet new people and have a friend to hang out with.  Why does it have to be so difficult to make it happen?   I would like to hear from anyone who has been through this online dating experience.  Please share your stories and I’ll post them here.

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