Nov 19 2013

Drive-Through Accessibility

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Members in our Facebook group have been posting articles on how some restaurants are providing better assistance for deaf and hard of hearing customers.  For example, some drive-through restaurants use touch screens instead of a speaker system.  Also, several McDonalds have placed a notice at their drive-through entrance that tells customers to drive ahead to the window and place an order if they have a speech or hearing disability.  I think both of these ideas are quite clever, and will be very beneficial to deaf and hard of hearing customers who cannot rely on sound systems.  As technology improves, hopefully more drive-throughs will become more accessible.  Maybe one day we’ll even use video screens that will enable deaf and hard of hearing customers to lipread the cashier while placing their order; maybe the videos will have captions too.

Have any of your local drive-throughs provided accommodations for their deaf and hard of hearing clients?  Have you used these accommodations, and how did it work for you?  Tell us at this week’s Open Chat Night.  Do you have any other ideas for improving accessibility in drive-throughs?

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