Jul 28 2015

Dizziness, Vertigo & Imbalance

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Did you know that hearing loss can cause vertigo?  For a while, it never even occurred to me that inner ear functions can actually affect balance, since this has never been a problem for my particular type of hearing loss.  However, during our Open Chat Nights I learned that various members of our community have to cope with dizziness and balance problems.

Recently, my father invited his past co-worker and wife over for dinner and I learned his co-worker’s wife has experiences vertigo.  Although she doesn’t have a hearing loss, she mentioned her vertigo is due to an inner ear problem.  She would experience a sudden feeling that the whole room was spinning and would need to lie down until that feeling drifted away.

So, join us on Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night and share your experiences and advice on dizziness and balance problems.  For instance, does it happen on a regular basis?  What do you do to prevent it?

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