May 19 2014

Different Styles of Hearing Aids

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We haven’t had an opening topic on hearing aids for a while now.  Of course, it’s brought up in the conversations quite often during chat night because many of us wear hearing aids to help compensate for our hearing loss.

It’s amazing how technology improved over the years with digital hearing aids.  There are many different types of hearing aids nowadays that come in various colors, shape, and sizes.  Rather than the usual Behind-the-Ear (gray or black) hearing aids used mostly in the 80s and 90s, there are now more options to select based on the level of your hearing loss.

Some of these are small, such as the ITC (In-the-Canal) and RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing aids.  These types of hearing aids are so identical to ear buds that hearing people wear while they listen to their iPods, mp3 players and other gadgets.  Hearing aids don’t even seem noticeable for someone to ask, “What’s that in your ears?”

So, I would imagine people who are still self-conscious won’t mind showing off their hearing aids because it will not set them apart in the crowd.  For instance, I’ve seen people wear bright colored pink hearing aids.  It just seems to look cool in today’s generation and it’s really an amazing technology.

What kind of hearing aids you wear today?  How do they compare to the ones in the past, especially those big analog hearing aids?  Tell us at this week’s Open Chat Night.

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