Nov 30 2010

Communication Road Blocks

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Opening Topic for Open Chat Night:  Overcoming road blocks to communication

At some point, most of us have allowed hearing loss to become a road block to enjoying life to the fullest. One of the most important road blocks is communication.  Communication is a crucial part of our daily lives and it can effect relationships with family and friends.  It can effect your communication skills with co-workers on the job, and even your grades.  I am sure many of us with hearing loss has dealt with at least one of these communication road blocks, each of which leading to endless problems for the present and future.

We have to keep finding ways to integrate the solutions to these barriers.  The use of hearing aids, cochlear implants, listening devices, captioning, and loop systems help us become a part of society where we can more easily communicate with others.  I am always saddened and surprised to hear about people who have gone through so many years of dealing with hearing loss without using the technology that would change their entire life instantly.  We need to advocate more strongly to inform people.

Let’s all share our own road blocks to communication and how we can overcome these road blocks for ourselves and others.

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