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Nov 10 2008

Staying Positive

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I ordered Chinese food on Friday night that came with a fortune cookie.  I opened it and my fortune was, “Good news will come to you from far away.”  I believe it is happening and will continue happening because of the effort I am putting forth. 

I started my positive venture by building a hearing loss community.  I am meeting lots of interesting people and making new friends.  It makes me feel good about myself to contribute and help others.  It has also helped make me realize that I am not the only one who has had a difficult time dealing with hearing problems.

Another thing I am working on is my social skills.  My first step was to get myself involved in social events.  I joined a church group several months ago and met some very nice people.  The first meeting was over lunch at the Olive Garden, and I was so nervous going there because I did not know anyone, but I had the courage to do this and now I’m feeling more comfortable to get involved in other events.  In fact, I have joined another group that meets this coming weekend, and I’m neverously excited for this to happen.

One more goal of mine is to meet that special someone.  I feel I am in a better place in my life, and now I’m more ready than ever to share my life with someone.  A friend at work told me that it takes longer for some people than others and I should never give up.  Giving up is not part of my vocabulary.

I have learned that you must like yourself for other people to like you, so I will continue to move forward with my goals and stay positive about myself.  I know good things and people are all around me.

I can’t wait to experience whatever comes next.

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