Sep 22 2015

Captioning in Churches

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Several years ago I was a member of the young adult groups at River Park Community Church and Elmbrook Church.  During that time, I made some new friends and attended several church services.  Sometimes I sat in the front and had no problem hearing the live worship.  However, I sat next to a friend who helped me find the Bible verses so I didn’t get lost during the sermon.

I know many people in the hearing loss community, particularly those involved at HLAA, advocate for captioning and/or interpreting in movie theatres and airports; why not churches, temples, and other places of worship?  In fact, I remember reading a Facebook post about a Nashville church that started its own Deaf/HoH Ministry with a little grant money.  I thought this was a fabulous idea!  I know many local churches use sign language interpreters for mainstream hearing services.  Back when I attended the Elmbrook church several years ago, I found out an interpreter would attend one of the morning services to accommodate people having difficulty hearing.

Join us on Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night and share with us your experiences regarding accessibility in places of worship.  For example, do you have difficulty hearing or understanding the service?  If so, have you ever done or considered doing anything to change that?

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