Aug 24 2015

Back to School

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Chat members have previously asked about what accommodations deaf and hard of hearing students receive in college and how beneficial these are.  As summer comes to an end and some of our members are gearing up to return to their universities, I thought this would be a good topic to discuss.

When I attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the late 90’s, I was eligible to receive DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) funding.  This financial assistance helped cover the costs for not only my tuition, but also hearing aids and deaf/hard of hearing services provided at UW-Milwaukee.  I found UWM’s services very helpful, especially the notetakers—students that UWM hired to take notes during lectures for me.

The notetakers helped me keep up with my classes, since even with my hearing aids I sometimes struggled to take notes while listening to the professor.  I also knew of some deaf and hard of hearing students at UW-Milwaukee who used sign language interpreters.  That was over 10 years ago, and I’m sure even more services are being offered in schools today thanks to advances in technology and expertise.

Lately I’ve discovered that DVR provides services for deaf and hard of hearing people in the workplace as well.  So, I recently applied to find out whether I am eligible for some of their services.  Since I’m seeking new job opportunities at this time, it would be helpful to have their assistance during my job search.

In the next Wednesday Night’s Open Chat Night, talk about what accommodations you had in school.  What would you recommend for deaf and hard of hearing students starting college in the fall semester?  What process did you have to go through to get these services?

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