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I created this blog to express my inner thoughts, feelings, and stories about my hearing loss, with hopes of creating a great place that will benefit everyone.

For many years I had been wearing behind-the-ear hearing aids, and have kept my hair long to cover them. I didn’t want people to know about my mild hearing loss. I was very sensitive and uncomfortable about it.  As of today, I wear digital hearing aids which make it hard for people to notice as much.  So, I decided to change my hairstyle and it doesn’t bother me anymore whether people see them.  Looking at my old pictures, I ask myself, “what was I thinking!”

I was not happy with the way I looked back in high school and college, and I have come to realize that the hearing aids were a major reason why I was and still am so isolated from the outside world, and the reason for not having many friends.  I believe people didn’t see the real me and my true personality, and lacking confidence didn’t help.  They always treated me and looked at me like I was an outsider or diseased in some way.  There were also other reasons that played a big role, such as my shyness and not having an outgoing personality, but that too could have been due to the way I was treated.  Rather than analyzing the past each and every day, I have decided to open up and share my life experiences and the path that led me to where I am today.

I hope you will visit often and participate by leaving comments, submitting stories or articles, and sending me feedback that could help you, me, and everyone else who has had similar experiences.

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  1. David Willison 05 Aug 2009 at 2:40 pm

    My very favorite part of my childhood was when I attended David W. Smouse Opportunity School in my hometown of Des Moines Iowa. I was only able to attend from the 4th to 6th grades though; but I had the absolute best times there! Understanding teachers and classmates who didn\’t mind my hearing loss because that was what the school was for. Well, mostly for disabled children; but there were also hearing impaired children like myself there too.
    I \"dropped out\" of kindergarden though because no one knew about my hearing problem. My mother and everyone else thought I just had a very hyper active personality. One of my favorite teachers in the second grade, a Mrs. \"Qbarb\"? Can\’t remember how to spell her name; but she was the one who discovered that I couldn\’t hear. I had to have a hearing aid box before I was fitted with hearing aids.
    I think I was shy because of my hearing loss which is probably the main reason I enjoyed reading comic books. And I still do!!
    My childhood was only really happy in school and with neighbor friends away from home because I had a abusive step father. He didn\’t abuse me; but he was a mean drunk who beat up my mother from time to time…anyway, enough about that.
    More later. Just want to really say that I am happy to see websites devoted to people like us. Doesn\’t make me feel so lonely to meet other people with similar problems.
    Thank you for \"listening\" to me.
    Now I have to feed my three hungry cats.
    Excited to meet a lot of you in the chat room tonight!

  2. Sarahon 16 Apr 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Absolutely.. very similar experience here. I have worn behind the ear hearing aids since I was 2 years old. High school and college were very painful experiences where I felt excluded, isolated and unable to be or to express myself. Your website looks cool, just joined!

  3. Lisaon 01 May 2010 at 11:55 pm

    I am hearing impaired ever since I can remember I have been picked on for it and still to this day I am being picked on for it and I am 27 years old. The way I used to deal with it is by beating up my bullies. I would punch them, stab them with a pencil, whatever. Maybe I was so aggressive because I saw alot of physical abuse in my house growing up between my mom and dad. I did not liked getting picked on or made fun of because I talked funny or because I couldn’t hear that well. I was isolated alot. I am still isolated, sometimes I feel like it’s easier to just be alone because conversating is a challenge all the time having to ask people what over and over again gets frustrating not only for them but for me as well. I don’t have many close friends and have a hard time trusting people probably because I think they are all talking crap about me behind my back. I feel like thel one wolf.

  4. Cindy Dyeron 21 May 2010 at 7:59 pm


    Are you in the Milwaukee area? Will you be attending the HLAA convention next month?

    If so, I need to meet you! Remember we’ve been talking a few years ago about profiling you and your work on your website? Well, now is our chance!

    I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday and would only need about a hour of your time. If you’re in the area and NOT attending the convention, I can still meet up with you preferably on Saturday. I’ll be around on Sunday, exploring the area on my own.

    Please let me know! Would love to finally meet you and interview you!

    Cindy Dyer
    Dyer Design

    Graphic designer and photographer (I design the Hearing Loss Magazine!)

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